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Welcome to Saturday Hiker, a blog for the casual hiker of all ages. Here you can find out all kinds of information by clicking on the bold, brown links as well as clicking through the different pages of the site. Check out blog posts about new trails to hike and sights to see on the Let’s Take a Hike page. If you read the Who, What, Why page of this site, you’ll learn that hiking and walking in the woods wasn’t always a Saturday thing for me…or even a thing at all. In fact, I never thought I’d take up casual hiking at this point in my life, much less get such great enjoyment out of it.

Since June of 2014, my husband and I have been hiking every Saturday both in and around the metro Atlanta, Georgia area that we live in, as well as further afield in the southeast region of the United States. And we have seen some truly spectacular sights. We’ve also gained a much deeper appreciation of the natural world, the fragility of our planet and its inhabitants, as well as our responsibility to both enjoy and protect it.

I hope reading about our Saturday hikes and sharing information on this site will inspire you to get out there and take a hike, too. A rich and beautiful world awaits you and it’s literally right outside your door.